Hello! Thanks for dropping in.

This is a site dedicated to sharing resources and knowledge related to meteorology, amateur radio, electronics, photography, science, data analysis, technical theatre, and much more.

The majority of the content on this site will be written by me, Nick Perlaky, KM4YHI.

Questions, comments, concerns, thoughts, issues, and ideas are welcome.

At some point I may split the site into different topics, but it will be an all-in-one "blog" for now. I will work to separate different topics with well-engineered tags that act like categories.


This domain will host quite a number of services, mostly run on my personal machines. Several of my servers/services will be private, but I do host a few public websites for different purposes. I will also have a number of weather-related utilities which will be publically accessible, such as a browser-based AWIPS/CAVE client.

Public services will be listed below:

  • AWIPS/CAVE (permission required)
  • WX-related calculators and data viewers (some open, others require permission)